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Friends for over 20 years, we are Paul and Scott. We've been Nerds/Geeks from a young age, we decided it was finally time to start seeing the outside world a little bit more. Bored of modern day technology and social media. We head out to the wilds to camp, hike, eat, drink and relax. #wildcamp #leavenotrace

The Peak District - Bamford Edge

The Peak District
Bamford Edge

This was a special one. We normally only go on one wild camp a month but it's not everyday you turn 40.

So to celebrate Scotts birthday we decided to grab the bags and head for the hills. We opted for the more adventurous hike in and decided to cross Bamford Moors.

A three hour hike in 30-40 MPH winds tested our endurance and navigational capabilities, but we stuck to it. Trusted our map reading and arrived at Bamford Edge.

With pretty severe winds and already losing light, we opted to drop down off the shelf and set up camp a little lower down to avoid the wind.


The Peak District - Thors Cave

The Peak District
Thors Cave

Scott (pictured right) picked this location. Just over an hours drive away. We parked up, walked along the old railway along side the river Manifold.

It was a long steep hike to the top of the cave, but my word was it worth it for the views. We even managed to pick up some folk from Alaska, Germany and the USA on the radio!


The Lake District - Small Water

The Lake District
Small Water

We headed off to the Lake District for our first adventure, 65L rucksacks packed to the brim with 50% more supplies than we'd ever need.

Perfect spot, out the wind, out the way, right next to the tarn. Plenty of water, a little bit of fishing and relaxing in the sun.


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